3 Signs Your Growing Start-Up Needs a Dedicated Customer Support Function

For a young company, the focus is typically on raising capital and acquiring customers. And for a while, that is absolutely the path to follow. However, as your company transitions to high-growth mode, you will need to develop the capability to effectively support your existing customers.


  • Acquiring customers is expensive, particularly versus retaining them – you want to keep the customers you have
  • Poor customer support can kill a company’s reputation – an unsatisfied customer can say a lot, to a lot of people, in just 140 characters
  • Information gained through customer support interactions will help you identify both problems with your existing offerings and unmet customer needs that can help your business grow

So when should your company build a customer support function? Three signs the time is right:

  1. The volume of customer support requests is diverting existing resources from their key responsibilities – sales, development, etc.
  2. You are fielding certain types of customer requests/questions repeatedly
  3. Lack of data on customer interactions is hampering your ability to set strategy or allocate resources

For a small company with limited resources, the thought of having to get customer support people, processes, and technology in place can feel overwhelming. But developing your customer support function doesn’t have to be time-consuming or expensive. For more information on how to create customer support capability within your organization, please contact us.